It's how we coexist on the Garden Isle.

We live in harmony with the land, and we live in harmony with each other. 

 There's more to Harmonious Roots than delicious food. It's about honoring our cultural roots, the Land, the Aloha Spirit, our community & its visitors. It's about sharing your unique story and the fire that burns within, in order to ignite positive change.



Lead by her heart, Kimya found herself on Kauai with the love of her life.  A community of people who put the enjoyment of life as priority and a whole new world of abundantly fruitful land opened up to her. She wiped her slate clean & started creating. 


Persian roots run deep in Kimya's family and have defined her in many ways. She inherited Persian cooking & hosting traditions from everyone including her parents, uncle, aunt, sister and most beloved Maman Joon, who pours her heart and soul into everything she cooks. Having grown up cooking with her family and hosting mehmoonis (Persian parties) is a major creative inspiration.

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Harmonious Roots works closely with Kauai's organic farmers to source all of the produce for its vegan / vegetarian menu. Traditional Persian recipes are recreated with what the Aina has to offer week to week, season to season. Elements from each dish that are not from the Island are thoughtfully selected with sustainable, organic practices in mind.